Frolic (verb):

Capture1Since my freshman year of college, frolicking has been my favorite thing to do. I think the first time I used the term was before a night of party-hopping with friends. We were getting ready and I made a comment about how all I wanted to do was frolic. Needless to say everyone cracked up and gave me puzzled looks. They must have thought I was somewhat nuts. But it was the best way I could think of to summarize the way I wanted the night to go… drama-free and adventure-filled, with spontaneous fun as the #1 priority.

To this day I still aim to frolic through life. In fact, it continues to be the only term I’ve found for accurately describing my ideal state. However, I’ve also found that the self-doubt, uncertainty, and expectation that accompany adulthood don’t exactly promote frolicking or its uninhibited sense of adventure and joy.

My hope is that blogging about my days – the struggles, the victories, the good, the bad – will help me to clear my mind and find my way. Perhaps ultimately giving me, or even someone else, the freedom to frolic.