Blogging… Me?

While it probably goes without saying, I’ll go ahead and clarify that I’m new to the blogging world. Brand new. It’s not that blogging is a foreign concept to me or that I don’t see the value in it… Heck, I fall slap-dab in the middle of the generation that seems to specialize in transforming a blog into a full-time career. I’ve just never seen myself as the type that would join in on the craze. Until now.

The same thoughts still run through my head that have always prevented me from leaping into the world of blogging. I’ve never felt I had anything all that unique to share. Why would anyone care what I have to say? What makes me an “expert”? There’s plenty of people already writing about every topic that I would ever blog about.

My mindset hasn’t changed, but lately I find myself feeling backed into a corner. As if I’m out of other options. I’ll introduce myself fully in my next post or two (which yes, I understand is typically done in the first post of a new blog), but I’ve been through the ringer in the last couple of years. It’s taken a while, but I can finally admit that I’m struggling. And the more I admit it, the more I find that other people are struggling in the same ways.

So honestly, what better reason do I need?


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